• Wolverine inferno gen 2 spartan edition (V2/m4)


The GEN 2 Inferno is the culmination of a great deal of work to take the next step forward in the development of HPA technology. Over the past couple years since we launched the SMP, multiple other companies saw the value of this type of technology and have attempted to replicate its performance. The Gen2 once again leaves everyone far behind.

The GEN 2 Inferno features a revolutionary single solenoid, independent poppet and nozzle design that sets a new standard for a drop in kit. Particularly, it is designed to solve the "open bolt problem". It is a hybrid design which keeps the advantages of an open bolt system: easy tuning, no first round dry fire, efficiency, etc... and adds the simplicity of easier hop up tuning that closed bolt systems have traditionally offered. In addition, it further improves the efficiency over our previous systems by an estimated 10-15%. Here are a few highlights!


What's the Spartan Edition you ask? 
This is one of the newest innovations on the market when it comes to HPA programming.  This is a technology coined "Live Fire Tuning" by Wolverine Airsoft.  It's so simple and takes under a minute to program.  Once programmed your system is ready to utilize.  

To program, its super simple and uses the following three steps:

1.) Hold trigger down while plugging in battery. Release trigger once battery has been plugged in.

2.) Put on safety glasses, air up, load magazine, and go to chrono.  If you fire while in programming mode, the system will let you know by firing a shot on the release of the trigger.

3.) To program Dwell time (The time air is applied to the BB) put the selector in the Semi position and begin firing into chrono.  With each trigger pull, the FCU will step down the dwell time.  Do this until you see a drop in FPS.   If you go too far, simply double tap the trigger and it will step back up one by one until you reach the point where the FPS should be.  If you cycle all the way through the dwell settings, it will begin the cycle over.

4.) Remove Magazine and clear chamber. 

5.) To program Rate of Rife (ROF) put the selector in the Full Auto position.  Hold the trigger and listen for the rate of fire you prefer.  Once reached, release the trigger. If you go too far, it will simply begin the cycle over.

6.) To save your settings, unplug your battery from your FCU and you are now good to go! Simply plug back in your battery and enjoy your new settings!




  • Patent Pending independent poppet and nozzle design
  • Hybrid design allows pause between bb loading and bb firing
  • Improves hop up performance with a wide range of stock and aftermarket options
  • Still uses Wolverine Airsoft's Patent Pending Imbalanced Poppet
  • Backwards compatible with all Wolverine Airsoft electronics. 
  • Still uses bullet proof direct solenoid fired design
  • NO ADDITIONAL CRITICAL ORINGS--> No negative impact on reliability!
  • Estimated 10-15% efficiency improvement




  • Input Pressure: 60-140PSI  (Use with STORM Regulator for best performance!)
  • Output Engergy: 1-3J Adjustable (build dependent)
  • ROF: 5-35RPS Adjustable
  • Battery Input: JST 6-9V
  • Dwell: Fully Adjustable
  • Electronics: Compatible with all Wolverine Airsoft Electronics


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Wolverine inferno gen 2 spartan edition (V2/m4)

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